Manabie mission

Our Reason for Being

Our mission is to prepare us for tomorrow’s world by catalysing positive change for learners, society, and nature.

We live in a world where there is a growing disconnect between the needs of society and traditional education systems. To solve this, we are focused on cultivating dedicated learners who will play a part in building a better tomorrow, where the welfare and needs of individuals, societies, and nature are better understood and aligned.

Manabie offers Total Education. It is our education philosophy, which not only focuses on building a strong academic foundation but also develops cognitive, creative, and emotional skills together with consciousness of social and environmental issues. Total Education is supported by caring coaches, a strong community of passionate individuals, and engaging content to help our learners gain lifelong skills, awareness, and confidence.

At Manabie, we believe everyone has inner greatness that can be discovered by developing a love for learning, igniting curiosity, and having the courage to pursue dreams. Our community is for everyone who strives for a better tomorrow where people, societies, and the natural world can thrive.

What’s your inner greatness?